New York City

It’s been almost a year since I visited New York for the first time and yesterday the tickets were booked to see the Big Apple again next year, it seems fitting time to finally write about it!

There’s not much, probably nothing at all, that can be said about New York that hasn’t been said already. It’s surreal seeing the sights you’ve seen X amount of times on TV in person, even the yellow cabs buzzing past you constantly hold your attention and add to the spectacle. New York is truly amazing and it’s my joint favourite city in the world, tied with good old London of course! Rather than go on and on about the week spent in NYC I’ll just make a list of my 5 favourite moments there:

1) The view from the ‘Top of the Rock’ – Any view in New York is amazing but seeing it from up high has to be the best. Unfortunately we never went in a helicopter so up a skyscraper was as high as we went.

2) Going on a speedboat along the Hudson River – We went out on the Hudson on ‘the Beast’ speedboat and the more serene clipper ship… the Beast wins hands down! Speeding up to the Statue of Liberty and then back towards the Manhattan Skyline is an experience I’ll never forget.

3) Seeing the Yankees play – There can’t be many things more New York than the city’s own baseball team, seeing a live ball game between two of the sport’s biggest teams (New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox) was great. We spoke to a local who attends games regularly, he explained a lot to us fairly clueless Brits. This was probably the most American thing we came across, the break to salute the flag was full on hand on heart stuff. God bless America!

4) Cycling around Central Park – Central Park is Manhattan’s long rectangle of greenery and renting a bike and going around it in the sunshine is something I’d definitely recommend and hope to do again in 2015.

5) The guided tour around the Rock – Our tour guide around the Rockefeller Center was probably the best I’ve ever had, he was so enthusiastic and engaged with our group so well – highly recommend doing a tour with Kim! Some of the artwork on the buildings around the center really impressed me and I’m not an art fan by any means. It was a really interesting tour.

No doubt I’ll have missed something amazing out that I should have added in but there are my 5 things I loved doing whilst in New York.

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  1. Would you believe that I lived near New York for most of my life and haven’t done most of those things? I went on the Rockefeller studio tour though when one of my best friends worked there as a tour guide. However, I only went up to the top of the Empire State Building for the first time earlier this year! It was incredible.

    1. I guess that’s always the way when you live somewhere – you take it for granted! I bet there’s a load of touristy things I need to do in London.
      The Empire State and New York in general is incredible, I don’t imagine I’d ever get tired of going there!

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