It’s 2 years this month since I visited Berlin and since I’m making up for lost time with this blogging lark that seems a good enough reason to do a post on the German capital. It was my first visit to Germany and first time flying alone – quite a big deal!

Berlin is a very interesting city – in the last 100 years it’s been the headquarters of the most evil regime Europe’s ever seen and then divided in two by a huge concrete wall, for a History student who has studied the Nazis and the Cold War it was great to see the sites I’d read about over and over again in person.


‘Death March’ – A sign on the way to Oranienburg Concentration Camp
The very impressive Brandenburg Gate
Germany’s parliament building

Annoyingly I didn’t take a camera and my friend’s photography skills aren’t the best so there’s not many good pictures to show, another trip to Berlin is needed to get some decent snaps of the place.

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      1. Yeah, if u haven’t been to Australia I would recommend it. It doesn’t have its own particular culture (it’s just very multicultural), nor much of a long history, but it’s a pretty nice and peaceful country I would say haha 🙂

      2. Actually Australia is one of the 2 places I’ve been to outside of Europe! My aunt and her family live in Perth, the last time we went (Xmas 2006!) we also visited Sydney. I’d like to go back.

      3. Haha I fell asleep! Sorry =P and well, I’ve always been interested in Europe. But especially Germany and Austria because I’m part Austrian haha 🙂

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