Yesterday I did a piece about Berlin and so today I’ve decided to head south to Bavaria and write about Munich, a place I’d wanted to visit for ages before finally getting over there in early spring this year!

Beer! Beer is one of the first things I’m sure people would associate with Munich and they’d be right to, as soon as I met my friend at the airport we stopped for a quick drink – beer is everywhere in Munich. Our first full day began with a beer and we continued in this vein, trying as best as we could to fit in – I even found my first ever vegetarian kebab in time for a suitable breakfast to line my stomach.

My first ‘doner’ kebab in years!

We tried a variety of beers – wheat beers, dark beers… and even Guinness! (Bad I know but Ireland were playing rugby and my friend’s Irish) We were fairly worse for wear by the end of it and I’m a lightweight so I didn’t fancy any more beer the next day, needless to say. The Hofbräuhaus, the one beer hall I really wanted to drink in, evaded us the entire weekend – it’s my mission to visit it next time I’m over in Munich.


Munich isn’t all about the high quality beer – it’s also got some beautiful buildings, particularly those around Marienplatz.


In contrast with the impressive architecture in the centre that’s been around for centuries the city’s football stadium shows modern German engineering in all its glory – the Allianz Arena looks like some kind of futuristic spaceship!


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