So far in my very short blogging career I’ve concentrated on writing about places overseas, it’s time to change that! Here in the UK we’ve got some great cities and place so here’s my first post about somewhere in England – Cornwall (although some of the Cornish will dispute their Englishness). Cornwall is pretty much miles from anywhere else you can think of and isn’t like anywhere else in the country, it’s  a favoured holiday spot for many in England. I regularly went down for summer holidays as a young kid, after becoming friends with a local at university last summer was my chance to head down south again – the first time in about 10 years.

We tried to do the touristy things whilst down there, we ate a delicious Cornish pasty nearly everyday and I drank the local cider – Cornish Rattler. A diet fit for a king. The first landmark we saw was St Michael’s Mount, a tiny island off of the coast that has its own medieval castle.




The next stop on our tour was to the very tip of the country – the imaginatively named Land’s End. It’s strange to be stood at the very end of the country, knowing everything and everyone is behind you!


My favourite place in Cornwall is St Ives, probably the definition of a quaint little English seaside town, eating chips on the seafront is a treat for someone who lives miles from the coast.


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    1. A pastry stuffed with savoury fillings like onion and potato. They’ve got a thick crust on which was thrown away by the tin miners with dirty hands – who traditionally ate them!

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