The reason I wanted to start a blog was to write about our trip around Italy in June – finally I’m about to start it! I’ll do it in chronological order meaning we start with the amazingly beautiful Venice.

Venice was the perfect place to kick off the Italian tour, the city on the water is pretty magical and set the tone for the rest of the trip. Everywhere you look is worthy of a picture in Venice, I’m struggling to be selective in order to stop this post becoming just a photo gallery.


We crossed over the Grand Canal on the Rialto bridge, the oldest bridge to cross the canal. Before Italy I don’t think I’d seen shops built into a bridge – it was like a mini marketplace! It’s a very busy place but if you can squeeze into a place to stop it’s a perfect spot to take in the views along the Grand Canal.

Posing in front of the Rialto Bridge

Sadly the Basilica on Piazza San Marco was covered in scaffolding (the curse hit us all over Italy!), so our pictures from Venice’s main square aren’t as fantastic as they could be. Maybe next time we find ourselves passing by they’ll have finished the renovation.


The views from the water are better than from the land anyway! Before flying out we’d booked the cheapest gondola ride possible (still not exactly cheap) – we didn’t think a trip to Venice would be complete without floating on the water. An authentic Venetian gondola ride is an experience I’ll never forget, I think it should be on everyone’s bucket lists.


Add in lots of pizza and ice cream and that was our three days in Venice in a nutshell, next stop is Verona! Ciao for now.

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