Like most people I have travel aspirations to see the most exotic places on the planet, I want to see totally different cultures and surroundings! However, I also aim to see more of my home country – little old Britain. Compared to a lot of countries the UK is tiny and I feel guilty I’ve not seen as much of it as I would like to have despite living here my whole life – I’ve never even set foot in Wales! So this summer I was glad to visit Glasgow for the first time properly.

Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city and was in the process of hosting the Commonwealth Games when we visited – (NB for any confused American readers it’s basically the Olympics minus you guys, the Russians and the Chinese, so yeah… without all the best countries).

photo 1 (2)
George Square – busy with Commonwealth tourists

During the Victorian era Glasgow was one of the Britain’s most important and wealthiest cities and this period has definitely left its mark on Glasgow, it reminded me of Manchester in this sense.

We headed to a cool German beer hall that sold beers from across the world, I had some Belgium cherry beer – delicious! Then we walked over to the docks to see the boats on the water special for the games.

photo 4photo (4)

I loved the contrast between the huge crane left from the days when the docks were used for shipbuilding and the two very modern buildings next to it. We stayed near the docks for a little while and watched the impressive flotilla before heading home. On the way to the train station we thought we’d stop for some food. It was my aim whilst in Scotland to try some of the local cuisine – a deep-fried Mars bar, sadly this never happened. NEXT TIME! However, we did have battered/deep-fried pizza though! I can’t say I was a fan and I think some arteries are still clogged up but I’m glad I tried it, I think.

A pizza crunch supper – complete with chips just to add a bit more fat!

Well that was bonny Glasgow, thanks for reading!


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