Last year’s Christmas break was Budapest – an interesting and charming city! As is the norm in Eastern Europe it was pretty cheap, the language is very different and the weather is grey and cold (well durgh, it is December!). At first I wasn’t sure how taken I was with the place, I think I was comparing it to Prague too much – a place I really loved, so perhaps that wasn’t fair. Looking back now Budapest did impress me and I would recommend a few days there to anyone. 

There aren’t too many landmarks in Budapest, the Parliament Building is the main one and it certainly is beautiful. It sits proud on the banks of the Danube in all its glory, we felt the need to take a picture of it every time we passed it – that’s how impressive it is!


Any half decent city has its stand out bridge, Budapest’s is ‘Chain Bridge’. With Buda Castle positioned behind it a picture of the bridge from the Pest side of the city makes for a good shot. I think the bridge was the first to connect the two halves of the city together properly but don’t quote me on that one.


We climbed the steps to reach the top of St Stephen’s Basilica to take in the panoramic view of the city, it gave us another chance and angle to snap the Parliament Building from – hurrah! 


The last landmark we visited was the Fisherman’s Bastion, it was a fancy place with the jazziest rooftops I’ve ever seen. A little bar nearby made a tasty plum strudel, just right for warming you up on the coldest day of the trip.


The Bastion is at the top of a hill so it acts as a great viewpoint, so guess what we took some more pictures of!


I’ve saved the best ’till last – the world famous Budapest thermal baths! There’s a few to choose from in Budapest, we opted for the Szechenyi bath, it was quite expensive but well worth it. You have to convince yourself that getting into an outside bath on a cold December evening is a sane thing to do. Of course once you get in you never wanna leave, it’s bliss! I wish there were some closer to home, I think I’d become a regular. 

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