The next destination on the Italian tour was Milan – I didn’t know a great deal about Milan but for some reason imagined it’d have lots to offer. I knew their two football teams and its reputation for fashion and that was about it. Sadly Milan underwhelmed as a city. The highlight of Milan was admiring its cathedral, any city you go to in Italy I’m sure you’ll find an impressive cathedral – they sure love their religion, there won’t be many as intricately designed as Milan’s though. It’s a work of art! You can usually walk on the roof but there was building work going on when we passed by, bad timing.

Next to the cathedral is a designer shopping arcade that we walked through a few times, looking at the shops selling handbags that cost about the average yearly wage. We bought an expensive but very nice ice cream inside, very posh.


We caught the underground towards a church (I think it’s a church) that stores the Last Supper painting. Unfortunately you had to book in advance and so we never got to see the art just as we never walked on the roof of the Duomo. Perhaps had we been able to do both we’d have more positive things to say about Milan. As far as I’m concerned if Italian cities were a family then Milan would be the posh, boring aunt. I don’t think I’ll be back there too quickly.

As near as we got to seeing the Last Supper

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