At the start of the year we caught the Eurostar for the second time and headed to Belgium for a short break. Although having to go via Brussels, Bruges was our first destination. Bruges is a very pretty place, even in the January cold and grey that was plain to see. The main square, the Grote Markt, with its impressive belfry is at the centre of things and fortunately we didn’t stay too far from there.


We climbed up the steep stairs of the bell tower which has been used for centuries to tell the people of Bruges various things – when there’s a fire, when the market is starting and when they’re under attack to name just a few! The stairs are quite demanding but the views from the top are worth it, Bruges stills looks almost medieval from up high.


Wandering the streets around the main square and stopping for some of the best beer in the world is a good way to spend a day. The cherry beers I had in Belgium are my all time favourites, I wish they were easy to come by in English pubs! You never seem to be too far from an old cathedral/church or the bell tower and this means taking pictures is no hardship in Bruges. The downside about going in winter is that you can’t go on the canals, my parents went in May and said it was great going under the bridges and seeing Bruges from the water. There’s always next time for that though!


As we were only in Bruges one night that’s all I have got to say about the place! It’s interesting, pretty, relaxed and has chocolate and cherry beer – all the right ingredients. Get to Bruges!





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