The next installment of the Italian adventure – Genoa! In our heads before we left for Italy we saw Genoa was on the coast and imagined a nice seaside town to relax half-way into the journey. We got it WRONG! It turns out that Genoa is actually just a port, a busy one at that! No picturesque little beaches to unwind on sadly – we should have done our research. Genoa is probably the place we visited that perhaps you wouldn’t usually include in an Italian tour, it wasn’t amazing but it had its good points. 

I had perhaps my favourite meal of the trip and that’s high praise considering the amount of pizza I had. Genoa is the home of pesto and the pesto pasta I had was so so good! We also tried Gnocchi at a famous fast food pasta place, I was less impressed by that though.

photo (1)

Genoa doesn’t have the historic landmarks of the other Italian cities, its main one being the lighthouse – apparently the oldest working one in the world! We took the (longer than expected) walk to see it up close, it wasn’t open to go up on the day we were there as it turns out. Even so it still impressed and they’d even kindly painted the England flag on it just for us, how kind! 


Walking back from the lighthouse we passed some old-school Italian vehicles – a Fiat 500 and a Vespa. They’re both really cool, those Italians are classy people. I think if I lived there I’d scoot about on a Vespa myself.


 We ended up getting on the city’s hop on/off bus to see some of the sights. Here’s the explorer Christopher Colombus’ house and the city cathedral. Every cathedral we came across seemed to have its own style, I think Genoa’s was one of my favourites. 


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