We arrived into Pisa just as the sun was about to set, we messed up on the bus journey and were worried we wouldn’t catch the city’s landmark before nighttime. Luckily we could see the tower leaning over the building around it and we dashed towards it. It has the same effect as the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, this landmark you’ve seen countless times is there in front of you – in real life. This was the first picture we took of the tower, there were plenty more to come. I was taken back by how bent the tower actually was, it more off kilter than I had expected!

Of course the tower is the star of the show in Pisa but there’s a lot more to the place than the wonky monument. Pisa is a very pretty place, it was the first place we visited in Tuscany and the region felt different to other places in Italy – the river Arno flows through Pisa and heads to Florence. We walked through the streets of the town and crossed the bridge over the river and back, it was more laid back than some of the other places we went to.


 On our second day we wanted to see the square of the Leaning Tower in the summer sunshine, this was unsurprisingly the busiest place in Pisa. The grounds around the tower are kept in pristine condition, it was great to just sit on the grass and take in the view.


On a side not, we ate lunch next to the tower and I tried a pizza that had chips on it – that was pretty strange.


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