I’ve been slack with the posts lately, I’m still getting used to my online TEFL job… yeah, that can be my excuse. This week we booked flights to Copenhagen and as a trip away is now on the horizon I thought I wouldn’t neglect posting any longer, it’s time to resume the Italy tour with lovely Florence.

Florence had been built up by my mum before we left, she kept on and on about how beautiful it is and that artwork and history are everywhere, walking the streets of Florence’s centre this was obviously true. The Duomo with its domed roof is magnificent, the streets around it are alive and there’s a ridiculous amount of delicious ice cream being sold. As there is all over Italy. We wandered the streets and found ourselves on the famous bridge – Ponte Vecchio. Calling Ponte Vecchio a bridge is perhaps doing it a disservice, it’s more than that – it has its own street artists with crowds stopping to listen, there are buildings built onto the bridge and stunning views of the Arno River. You can also see the Duomo’s rooftop peeping over the streets below from Ponte Vecchio, I loved this view.

Italian cities love their grand squares and Florence is no different, during the evenings the squares would be buzzing with tourists, families eating out and the odd man trying to sell you a laser-pen here and there. Eating a bruschetta with a beer and taking it all in was a lovely way to spend an evening. On one of the squares sits Florence’s town hall, a very impressive building with sculptures and other artwork and galleries surrounding it. The famous Uffizi gallery is just down the side street, not being particularly into our art we didn’t go inside – philistines! 

And last but by no means whatsoever least… let’s all take in the Duomo;s beauty!
As you can see, whether it’s nighttime or the sun is at its highest the Duomo still looks incredible. The building is truly a work of art, it makes me want to become religious! (Slight exaggeration, atheist 4 life but it still does really really impress me!). We sat down and just admired the Duomo just about every time we passed by its square.

It wouldn’t be an Italian post if I didn’t elaborate on the ice cream, so here’s me in one of those squares I mentioned eating everybody’s favourite piece of frozen deliciousness. I think that flavour was pink grapefruit and mojito, just the remedy for cooling you down in the searing heat!


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