During our 3 days based in Florence we decided to do a couple of day trips, the first one was to Siena. The trip didn’t get off to the best of starts due to a pretty uncomfortable train journey. Siena and Florence are near to each other in terms of distance but the train seemed to stop at every stop possible, it took over an hour and the Italian summer sunshine was being magnified by the windows – it was sweaty and grim and we reached Siena later than expected. The problems continued, you leave the train station and enter a shopping complex – we were lost, hot and fed up by now.

Luckily we managed to find our way to the city centre and I’m so glad we did, despite only spending a few hours there I really took a liking to Siena. It felt smaller than the other places we visited and (in my eyes) quintessentially Italian. There are steep hills with windows facing each other with their shutters open – you can picture Italian mamas having a chat while their pasta is cooking.


Siena’s famous sloped square is very impressive, it’s surrounded by nice restaurants and people stop for a sit down and chat on the slopes. I would have liked to have stopped for a film and taken in the atmosphere a bit longer but time wasn’t on our side, maybe next time!


It goes without saying that an Italian city is going to have an impressive cathedral but still, let’s still appreciate Siena’s.

Towards the bottom of the town centre you find a park with stunning views of the Tuscan countryside in the distance, I loved this place and wanted to explore the park but the last train to Florence wasn’t far away.


The thing I liked most about Siena was the fact it wasn’t famous landmarks that wowed you, there are no leaning towers, quaint canals or Roman gladiator theatres here – you’re impressed by how Mediterranean/Italian/Tuscan the place is. Siena has terracotta rooftops, pastel colours, surrounding greenery, winding narrow streets etc, I really fell for the place – I will be going back for longer someday. 


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