Bologna was the next destination on our tour of Italia, I had high hopes for the city – it has reputation for being very studenty, apparently its university is the oldest in the world. Bologna is also noted for its affiliation with left-wing politics, it sounded like my kinda place. Looking back Sunday probably wasn’t the best day to go – the students were probably sleeping late and the ‘normal people’ were presumably at church, Bologna was pretty much deserted during our day there, sadly.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Pisa is the only city who owns a wonky tower, oh no! Bologna has its very own version, not quite as pleasing on the eye but still very off-centre.


We visited the student quarter of the city, although let down by the lack of life I was fascinated by the graffiti.


The area is rough and ready, just as it should be. We stopped to eat here, traditional Spaghetti Bolognese (or Ragu to those in the know) was on the menu. A beggar stole our waitress’ tip, we hadn’t even left the table. That’s audacity.


Bologna actually has two famous landmarks that aren’t as they should be, its cathedral is famous for only being half-completed. You can clearly see the ornate decorations stop half way up the building’s facade, apparently the Pope ordered this as he was worried it would out-shine Rome’s.


I would like to pay Bologna another visit – hopefully next time the people are out, perhaps starting a revolution or something.

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