So last week I visited Scandinavia for the very first time and it did not let me down in any way, shape or form! I have actually been looking to see if the University of Copenhagen runs a masters course in History, that’s how impressed I was. (Sadly the uni seems more science-based *sigh*). I really took to their way of life, they seem to have a great system worked out. I couldn’t believe how healthy the Danes were, they cycle everywhere and the overweight were the vast minority. Anytime somebody began to talk to me in Danish I felt honoured, adopt me Denmark please!

Anyway, here’s what actually happened during the few days over there. On the first day we joined the free walking tour of the city, it was good fun and I thoroughly recommend it, they leave from the town hall at 11 throughout the year. Copenhagen isn’t the biggest of cities so we walked between the landmarks, sadly in the pouring rain. Instead of going through the whole tour in chronological order I’ll just pick out some of my favourite places.

Before going to any city you search to see what it looks like on Google, right? Well for Copenhagen all of the pictures seemed to be of Nyhavn and when you visit you can why. Nyhavn has been the place to be in the Danish capital for some time, originally it was quite sleazy due to the sailors attracting prostitutes etc but it’s been revamped over time and now… well look at it! The buildings are painted in beautiful colours, the bars and restaurants have outside tables and in the summer I bet it’s great drinking by the water with the sun beating down – obviously this didn’t apply to November.


The town hall square is an impressive place, I liked the buildings in this part of town. You have the town hall itself, the Palace Hotel and Tivoli Gardens within a stone’s throw of each other.


The architects of the town hall and the Palace Hotel developed a bit of rivalry, the town hall team said the Palace Hotel’s entrance resembled… an asshole! Their retort was that it’s fitting seeing as it’s next to a load of shit – this was the best story from the walking tour, no doubt.


As I said the Tivoli Gardens are also by the square, sadly the gardens were closed until the Christmas season started so we had to make do with a picture at the entrance.


The next building we just stumbled across one day but it turns out the Round Tower is one of the most famous in the city, we decided to go up to the top to see the view. Luckily for us the season was out over the city, you could make out Sweden in the distance.


Now time to talk about the two palaces in Copenhagen, it gets a bit confusing. The city has had awful luck with fires so the palace that used to house the monarchy now houses the parliament because the monarchy became tired of moving in between palaces after fire damaged the buildings – confusing eh! Now the monarchy live in palaces that were originally meant for nobility, I’ve got no idea where they ended up! Anyway, the building on the left is the parliament building – you’re allowed to go to the top of the tower for free, in expensive Copenhagen this is a treat. The one on the right is of me posing outside the Queen of Denmark’s palace. The royal family live in four identical palaces, such as the one I’m in front of, in the same square.


I feel like this post has already gone on so I’ll just finish with a few more pictures to set the scene – the Little Mermaid, the Marble Church and the view from the top of the parliament building.


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      1. That’s my impression as well. If somebody is working on a TIP basis, he or she is usually way more motivated. That’s really important for a good tour. I’m glad to see that you enjoyed both tours you had this year!

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