I feel a bit guilty making a whole post about Malmo – we literally only spent 2-3 hours in the Swedish city. However, one word in that sentence is key – Swedish. That’s right, I’ve been to Sweden now – another country ticked off the list. *smug look*

Copenhagen and Malmo are separated by a small stretch of water, the train between the two only takes about 40 minutes so why wouldn’t you take the chance to touch base in a new country?!

Now I can’t say I saw a lot of Malmo but we were always being told not to expect too much because it’s kinda overshadowed by its Danish neighbour, our tour guide refers to Malmo as ‘Copenhagen East’. Malmo was pleasant enough, it had some nice buildings and squares and it was expensive, like Copenhagen.

Here’s a couple of pictures of ‘the Big Square’. The rather impressive town hall on the left, a statue of some sort of king who took Malmo back from the Danes on the right.


Here’s me proving that I’ve visited the land of Ikea, Bjorn Borg and Abba.


And then we tried some authentic Swedish cuisine… their own version of McDonald’s, cultural huh? After that we crossed the border back to Denmark.


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