It’ll be 2 years next month since our Christmas break to Prague and since we’re not going on one this year (how very sad!) I thought I’d relive the moment on here. I really should have gotten round to doing a post on Prague sooner, I loved the place – my lack of urgency in writing about the city in no way relates to my feelings for it, let’s just make that quite clear.

I had briefly been to Eastern Europe before but that was just a few days in Krakow, this was my first taste as a proper ‘grown up’ going independently. I think you can sense immediately when you’ve crossed into the old ‘Soviet bloc’, Eastern Europe has a certain vibe about. I think the people seem quite hard-faced at times, no doubt due to the awful governments they’ve been ruled by. Luckily despite the turmoil the area has suffered over the last 80 years or so Prague has maintained its beauty and charm.

Nowhere exemplifies Prague’s charm and beauty more than the Charles Bridge, our hostel’s location was ideal and we crossed the bridge everyday to get to and from the Old Town’s centre. The bridge is ancient and completely pedestrianized due to its age, with grand archways at either end. The bridge has many statues and decorations, as seen below, we think touching the man brings you some kind of good fortune. Being in Prague is all the fortune you need anyway!


Shortly after crossing Charles Bridge you find yourself entering the main square, you notice a big crowd observing Prague’s famous astronomical clock. The clock has been around for centuries but still remains impressive today, I’m not too sure what it all means exactly but it certainly looks the part. The views from the top of the tower are well worth seeing as well!

photo (8)

Just a few steps beyond the clock and you’re in the main square which at Christmas means you’re confronted by rows upon rows of stalls selling festive goodies. I’m not an overly-Christmassy person, I’m a bit of misery in all honesty but you can’t help feeling a bit excited for the big day when you’re wandering a market. Prague’s backdrop to the market was so picturesque it made it extra special, I’d like to see how it all looks during the other months of the year. After going in December I would now find it hard to divorce Prague and Christmas in my head.

photo (7)photo (10)

Heading in the opposite direction from our hotel, and after climbing a very steep hill, we reached Prague’s castle. The building’s higher location meant you could gaze over the city, with great views of Charles Bridge particularly. On our way back down we stopped to visit a former Communist secret police station where they spied on Western diplomats – I was studying topics related to the Cold War at the time so I thought this was very interesting, perhaps I’m just sad like that.

photo (9)

Part of visiting a new city/country is trying their food, this isn’t always the easiest as a vegetarian and I wasn’t expecting Eastern Europe to be the most veggie-friendly of places but I made do, mainly thanks to the bad boys pictured below. The hollow tube of greatness was called ‘Trdelnik’ which apparently isn’t even actually Czech but it tasted damn good either way! Prague’s well-know for its cheap beer, this cafe next to our hostel sold them for about 80p-£1 if I remember rightly – ridiculously cheap.

photo (11) photo 1 (5)

The last delicacy shown here are two plumb dumplings in a kind of sour cream, after a potato salad they were the perfect dessert. Mmm. The picture is making me want to head back over there again, perhaps a Christmas break is on the cards after all!

photo 2 (3)

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