Siem Reap, Cambodia

Stop number 3 on our tour was Siem Reap, we arrived very early in the morning – the overnight bus from Phnom Penh didn’t really last long enough, we got there before sunrise and had to wait around all day to check in to our room. The hostel wasn’t really our kinda place, it seemed to cater to the people who I assumed went on lads holiday when they were a couple of years younger.(I can only apologise for how pretentious/snobby that might sound) I’m way too boring to enjoy what they had to offer. I’d come for one thing and only one thing – Angkor Wat. The temples are Cambodia’s main attraction, they’re even the symbol on the national flag. We didn’t wait around, we found a tuk-tuk driver near our hostel and decided to go for the three day entrance ticket, by the end of day 1.. I mean 3 we were a bit tired of seeing very old and very similar temples. As great as they are, there a lot to walk around in the scorching heat! I’m going to be very selective and only show my favourite photos of them.

The ride out in the tuk-tuk took about 45 minutes for the remote temple, I think the tuk-tuk journey might have been the best bit. The sun was shining as we sat there going through tiny villages seeing how the locals lived their lives, we went through paddy fields and got stuck in traffic behind some people walking their cattle. Tuk-tuk rides are great fun.



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