Bangkok, Thailand

So after Siem Reap we’d finished our time in Cambodia and took our first little flight of the trip to Bangkok, the famous(or maybe you’d call it infamous) Thai capital. I should disclose this information at the start – I think we could have been more open-minded to Bangkok and experienced more of what it had to offer. I think we landed with a mindset that this city wouldn’t be our kind of place, so I don’t have too much to say about it. I think we’ll have to visit it again and embrace it.

We stayed in Chinatown which meant we took the water taxi up the river to see the main attractions, I actually really enjoyed this mode of transport. The taxis drivers in Bangkok have a bad reputation – refusing to use the metre, taking you to shops etc. So avoiding them and using the inexpensive water taxi was a smart move. We saw the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. There’s a lot of gold, Bangkok is bling-tastic.

While we were travelling in Asia my friend from university was also doing the same, we met up in Bangkok for a day and he was staying near the main backpacker street, anyone who’s been to Bangkok will know it – Khao San Road. It was what I expected I guess, stands selling clothes meant for backpackers, bars, hostels etc. We never saw it at night when I suppose it’s wild. Again, perhaps we’re a little too boring to enjoy what Khao San has to offer! We took our 15 hour(or something ridiculous like that) coach ride to the beach instead.



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