Ko Lanta, Thailand

As mentioned in the last post we didn’t really ‘do’ Bangkok’s Khao San road, we turned up to catch an overnight bus to the south of the country. Overnight buses aren’t always much fun, this one played two films on an old TV at full volume so sleep wasn’t really an option for most of the journey. I don’t really watch films at the best of times but I actually paid attention to both, quite an achievement for me. After x number of hours we finally reached Ao Nang, we stopped here for a night then and had our first taste of a Thai beach. The next morning it was time to reach our actual destination – Ko Lanta. Gorgeous Ko Lanta.

I’m not sure how many islands Thailand has but it seems like a lot and it’s almost a rule you have to go to at least one. Most backpackers head to one of the lively islands for the moon parties etc. but, as is becoming a theme in these posts, that sort of thing is just too damn wild for us! So instead we went to Ko Lanta, I guess it’s one of the less well-known islands in comparison and that suited us just fine. The season wasn’t busy so the beach was nice and quiet. If you’re after a relaxing break at the beach in Thailand without the partying, I recommend Ko Lanta 100%. Drinking a Chang while the sun goes down in the distance is the life, already liking the idea of that being my retirement plan and I’ve not started a career yet…


The highlight of Ko Lanta and one of the highlights of the whole trip was snorkeling. We got picked up from our local beach (the one in the picture above) in the morning and were taken to a smaller island which was pretty much one of those paradise beaches from postcards. Clear water with white powdery sand – a heavenly combination. This was our first time snorkeling and I loved it, the colours of the fish were absolutely stunning and they swam so close to you, I kept trying to reach out and touch one. They didn’t seem to even notice us being there. I’m glad they aren’t disturbed by humans who come to admire them, they were happily going about their business with us staring down at them. Unfortunately we didn’t buy a GoPro before the trip, in hindsight I wish we had – the pictures were taken on a disposable so they don’t really do it justice at all. Maybe next time we visit Thailand we’ll have the money for a scuba dive instead, the underwater bug has bit me.




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