Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long bay is one of the must do things in southeast Asia, any travel blog worth its salt will tell you that! So here I am, telling you if you go to this part of the world you’d better pay it a visit!

It’s been over a year now so I’m not 100% on the details but I think the bus journey from Hanoi was fairly quick, like 2-3 hours or so. We were lucky with our group, we made friends with a woman from Germany and one from the US at our first meal on the boat – meeting cool people from different parts of the world is always nice. We only had one night on the bay but I felt like that was probably enough, I’m sure seeing more of it – perhaps less touristy bits – is very cool but you can’t have everything! We had about 2 weeks to see as much of Vietnam as possible, time was precious.


The tour including a trip around a cave, it was alright – probably a 7/10. The best part of the tour for me was being allowed to explore a little bit in a canoe. I was desperate to see some monkeys while in Asia and we saw a few climbing while out in the canoe, I was buzzing. BUZZING. I’m not really sure how they got there, climbing these random rocks coming out of the water – I hope it’s natural. You start to suspect all the countries in Asia are abusing animals for western tourists such as myself to get excited about. I’m cover myself here by mentioning I’m vegetarian at least! (This isn’t just a typical vegetarian stating their vegetarian for the 1000th time, I’m going somewhere with this. Patience!) On our boat there was myself and a vegan woman, the effort the company put in to accommodate us was first class. When I was served ‘prawns’ I presumed they’d misunderstood and pushed they plate away, the guide assured me they weren’t real but the chef was just a professional at creating imitations.

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