The Great Wall, China

Although I’ve not finished posting about the trip to southeast Asia in 2015 I think it’s time to do a post about China. It’s almost 2017, I’ve really fell behind. So let’s start thinking about China. China China China, we spent almost half a year there and I’ve neglected to talk about it on here! We loved our time living in China, I have no doubts I will return – students became true friends and saying goodbye to them wasn’t fun, China has a little place in my heart now. It’s Sunday, I’m lazy and not feeling up to doing a long post about Chengdu, the city we lived in, so this will just be more of a photo post about the Great Wall. The obvious place to start blogging about China! Look, here it is…


Perhaps the Great Wall is the first thing a person thinks of when they hear of China, maybe smog/fog isn’t far behind. As can be seen in above picture. Unfortunately grey and gloomy skies a regular occurrence. They are the one thing I didn’t like about China. The weird little things like kids going to the toilet in the street were tolerable, pollution not so much! Take the world’s biggest popular and add X number of factories that make literally everything the world uses and there’s going to be a lot of pollution. Said pollution has negative consequences – maybe 1,000,000 premature deaths a year apparently. Another (less significant, admittedly) consequence – tourists don’t get to enjoy attractions to their full potential. The Great Wall was very cool, I’m glad to have ticked it off the bucket list etc. We went to a part that receives fewer tourists, it’s further away from Beijing and less renovated than others – we only had to share our bit of the Wall with our tour group so that was a huge plus. I couldn’t have left China without doing it, that all said – it wasn’t my favourite thing that we did whilst there. The Eiffel Tower truly took my breath away (for want of a less cliched explanation), I’m not sure the Great Wall did.

(I had to represent the Arsenal on the Wall, BRITZ ABROAD!!!!1)

As I said, the lack of other tourists was fantastic – some of the pictures on Google make the Wall look like a nightmare, people literally crammed in like sardines. We were able to appreciate the size of it, stopping for breaks to look back. Breaks were needed, some bits were not easy to climb! The steps were steep and some bits were a bit dangerous and crumbly but it felt quite authentic at least, the bit that gets loads of tourists was rebuilt in the 80s, apparently complete with metal handrails. Forget going there. All in all I’d probably give the experience an 8/10. With a blue sky, who knows?!


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  1. Ahh, the Great Wall is on my bucket list too. But admittedly, the smog is the number 1 think I associate with China and it puts me off visiting..
    P.S. Love that you represented The Arsenal over there!

    1. We were there from February until July and it wasn’t a big deal, I’ve got asthma but didn’t find breathing hard. I think it gets worse around now! Representing Arsenal all over the world is a requirement!

  2. Looks fantastic! Out of interest, do you remember the name of the section of wall you visited? I’ve been to other parts near Beijing (Mutianyu, Badaling) and they were both completely overran with tourists 😥

      1. I went to Badaling in July a few years ago, went to Mutianyu during the Chinese New Year festival and even then it wasn’t as busy as Badaling had been! I think if you go off-season though (e.g. October/ November or March/ April) it’s probably not too bad, particularly mid-week…

      2. Haha, just twice to the mainland 🙂 I did a year abroad there last year. I’d say definitely go back if you have chance – China is such a huge and diverse country, I love it (particularly the food…) so much!

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