The Mekong Delta, Vietnam

This will be a short post, as I only usually write about 500 words at the best of times it might as well just be a photo post. We finished our time in Vietnam where we had started, in Ho Chi Minh city. We’d seen quite a bit of the city during our first time there so we decided to book ourselves on a tour to the Mekong Delta in the far south of the country. It was just a day trip and of course set up for tourists like us but it was cool to see life in another part of Vietnam. The Mekong is so important for the countries in southeast Asia, loads of people depend on it.


We were well aware by this point that a tour means stopping at places where you’ll be encouraged to part with your cash. And voila! Local treats were of course on sale including some kind of alcohol with a dead snake and scorpion inside the bottle. Grim. Women were making a kind of toffee sweet that we actually ended up buying, it’s hard to resist their trap at times. We wanted to take it back home for everyone to try and it pulled my mum’s filling out. Oops.

The main reason I’d wanted to go on this tour is because I’d seen boats on the water under overgrown plants/trees. It was getting towards the time to head back to HCMC and we still hadn’t got in a little boat, I was beginning to want a refund but patience is a virtue! We were taken to a river and all climbed in the boats waiting for us, complete with rowers(?) wearing their cone hats. Just what I wanted! We peacefully went along under the coverage of the foliage.


Here is a photo of our happy rower.


That was our last experience in Vietnam, I loved the country. It’s the one (along with Thailand) I definitely want to return to. I found the recent history fascinating, the people kind and the scenery beautiful. I highly recommend Vietnam.

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