Langkawi, Malaysia

Confession: I feel like a fraud writing this post. I don’t really like beaches and almost look down on people who just go off for 2 weeks to the seaside without taking in any culture or trying new experiences. Each to their own but I think there’s a lot more to travel. However, after probably 7 weeks of absolutely ‘authentic backpacking’ we decided to book in at a posh resort on a Malaysian island. Well, nobody’s perfect! The resort was amazing, out of our budget to be honest but my girlfriend really wanted to have a few days of luxury. We took an overnight bus from Singapore to Penang and then waited a few hours before our ferry over to Langkawi – by the end of this journey she wasn’t the only one wanting luxury! There’s not loads I can write about Langkawi, it was a great place to relax for a few days. One of the main attractions is huge bridge suspended in the hills, it takes some courage to walk on – a part of the floor is clear glass! It’s worth doing, the views are fantastic.


One of the things I most wanted to see in Asia was a real life monkey. Yeah, temples are cool, snorkeling – amazing… but monkeys top everything. Langkawi delivered! A group of the little rascals started rummaging around on the beach before searching the bin to see if the humans had left any treats. Watching a monkey open a bin bag was thoroughly entertaining, I highly recommend it! I can’t remember if they found anything of use, I’m sat here annoyed with myself for not knowing the ending. They were not bothered in the slightest about their audience.

Overall, Langkawi served its purpose and I enjoyed our time there, it’s beautiful. It’s definitely not a must-visit destination in Southeast Asia but they do have monkeys.

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  1. LOL. Yes they are a little pesky. One time when we were in a resort, they climbed onto the balcony and just sat there. Sat there without a care that they were on our deck chairs facing the ocean!

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