Penang, Malaysia

I wanna start writing about China but I’ve still not even reached the end of the 2015 Asia trip. My laziness strikes again, let’s resume with the penultimate stop – Penang. After lounging about by the pool in Langkawi for a few days it was time to jump back into ‘proper travelling’. We took the ferry back down to Penang to explore the state’s capital, George Town. The fact a place in southeast Asia is named ‘George Town’ is quite a big clue that it might’ve had a history of colonisation! George doesn’t sound like a very Asian name to me! Here’s some European-looking architecture, we’ve seen quite a bit in southeast Asia by this point. It’s not all that special, I know.

The next thing you’re about to see is far more interesting, don’t worry. Southeast Asia isn’t just temples or relics from when those horrible westerners ruled, oh no! George Town is famous for its street art, you won’t have to walk very far to find some but you might need to have your eyes peeled! The artwork can cleverly blend into its surroundings, one of my faovurite pieces is the two kids on the swings, see below!



George Town is a cool place, it’s colourful and multicultural with all kinds of cuisines available to try. I remember having a pretty good curry, a pretty random rice dish and some pretty delicious tofu satay skewers during the time we stayed there. Day to day being vegetarian is no problem for me whatsoever, it’s not even something I think about anymore. However! When I travel and a country has a particular dish that I (probably) won’t be able to try, I do feel… I don’t know the word, not regretful, maybe annoyed(?). I really wanted to have satay skewers whilst in Malaysia, you can imagine that I was very happy when we managed to find a place doing a tofu alternative. God bless you tofu, you weird flavourless sponge. Here’s a picture of me eating said skewers complete with cute girl being nosy.


George Town was probably my favourite place in Malaysia, admittedly we only visited 3: Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur being the others. It’s got a good feel to it, I like a place that’s had a range of influences. One negative to finish on though! I remember the heat being particularly oppressive here, for southeast Asia that’s saying something! Take some strong deodorant.

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  1. Well Penang has a lot of the old charms from an era past. Colonial as you say but also the traditional heritage of migrants coming to this island to make their fortunes.

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