Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I'm finally writing about Kuala Lumpur which means I'm finally finishing the southeast Asia trip from 2015... better late than never! So let's wrap up Malaysia and Asia in style with KL. Well... maybe ' in style' isn't the right phrase to use. If I'm being honest, I wouldn't say we finished the trip with... Continue Reading →


Penang, Malaysia

I wanna start writing about China but I've still not even reached the end of the 2015 Asia trip. My laziness strikes again, let's resume with the penultimate stop - Penang. After lounging about by the pool in Langkawi for a few days it was time to jump back into 'proper travelling'. We took the... Continue Reading →

Part 1: Barcelona, Spain

At the moment I'm living in Catalonia, about 90 minutes south of Barcelona on the train. My town is pretty... sleepy, it's very nice and I'm sure it's about to get busier now the weather's improving but it's not an international city with lots of history. Trips to Barcelona are needed. When I found this... Continue Reading →

Langkawi, Malaysia

Confession: I feel like a fraud writing this post. I don't really like beaches and almost look down on people who just go off for 2 weeks to the seaside without taking in any culture or trying new experiences. Each to their own but I think there's a lot more to travel. However, after probably... Continue Reading →


I should be lesson planning but that isn't very appealing right now, let's blog instead. The next stop on the tour was Singapore, by this point it really did feel like the end was coming and Singapore gave us a fresh reminder of what home was like. Cambodia, Thailand etc. were like nowhere else we'd... Continue Reading →

Cuba – booked!

I've been saying that I want to get to Cuba ASAP in case it begins to change. I guess with Trump we now don't know how it'll play out between the two nations. Either way, I want to see authentic Cuba, the almost-untouched-by-the-US Cuba. And although Japan was tempting me big time, it's now official....... Continue Reading →

Hoi An, Vietnam

Returning to the Southeast Asia trip - the next stop while we worked our way down Vietnam was Hoi An. Hoi An is a small city and a lot more relaxed than other parts of Vietnam. I'm looking at you Ho Chi Minh. The old town is full of boutique shops and the walls are... Continue Reading →

Plane shots 

Taken on a phone through a window, obviously the quality isn't quite there but I still like these photos taken from the sky. The first must be France/northern Spain and the second is Hong Kong.

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