Next trip: South America

We booked our flights to Buenos Aires last week! Currently that's all we know about the trip, we've got a whole lot of planning to do before October. If anyone has suggestions, please help out!  

Marrakesh, Morocco

We've just returned from a 4-night stay in Marrakesh, our first real city break in quite a long time. Too long! It was also the first time I'd set foot in Africa, leaving just South America¬†and Antarctica to go continent-wise. January is one of the gloomiest months of the year in England so it was... Continue Reading →

Trinidad, Cuba

I've not blogged in ages due to procrastination, now I have essays to do I've decided to come back to my blog to avoid starting them. Does that count as being productive? I've fallen sooooo far behind, there are lots of places I need to write about so I've chosen at random to talk about... Continue Reading →

Beijing, China

My last post was about Xi'an, one of China's ancient capital cities, this post is about its current one - Beijing. We took our second overnight train of the trip between the cities. The first nocturnal journey had gone smoothly, I am a big fan of killing both the accommodation and traveling birds with one... Continue Reading →

Xi’an, China

After yet another prolonged break from writing I'm back to tell you all about Xi'an. This is the next installment of the Chinese adventures, crazy to think it's already over a year since we left. Xi'an was the first destination on our post-semester tour, we'd finished teaching and had about 3 weeks to see the... Continue Reading →

Maocai, delicious Chinese food

China is famed for its cuisine, I'd imagine only India and Italy rival it for popularity worldwide. I personally couldn't choose between the three! Of course, one of the best things about living in China was eating authentic Chinese food - at ridiculously cheap prices. At times it was hard to find things as a... Continue Reading →

Chongqing, China

If someone asked you to name China's big cities, you'd probably name the ones towards the coasts - Shanghai and Beijing in the east, Hong Kong and Guangzhou in the south. The west of the country is less densely populated but there are two giants that you won't find anywhere near the sea - Chengdu... Continue Reading →

The Giant Buddha, Leshan, China

It's time to start writing about China. In 2016 I lived in China for almost 6 months, February to July. It was my first experience living in another country, actually... it was my first real experience living independently away from mum and dad. And what an experience it was! All the cliches are about to... Continue Reading →

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I'm finally writing about Kuala Lumpur which means I'm finally finishing the southeast Asia trip from 2015... better late than never! So let's wrap up Malaysia and Asia in style with KL. Well... maybe ' in style' isn't the right phrase to use. If I'm being honest, I wouldn't say we finished the trip with... Continue Reading →

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